Sunday, December 18, 2005

Top 10 Movies of the Year

Edit* I have not seen Brokeback Mountain, Walk the Line, The Libertine

1. King Kong- Peter Jackson is simply a genius. He has created yet another masterpiece to go along with his Lord of the Rings trilogy, Bad Taste and Dead Alive. Okay the last two are personal favorites. Jackson is a master of character development and the movie is extensive in establishing the characters. This pay's off later in the film perfectly. A great example of Jackson's brilliance is how he draws a line between Kong and Anne Darrow. He show's us that Darrow and Kong are very similar to each other.

Possible Spoilers;

A very subtle example to this is at the beginning of the movie Darrow flips a hat over her head and later in the film Kong flips her over in the same exact way when avoiding one of the T-Rex's. It's barely noticable but its effective.

2. Oldboy- This movie is what I've been waiting for, A movie which explores human nature to the level of Lord of the Flies. What would you do if without the knowledge of why, you were locked up in a small room for fifteen years? The twist's and turns continue from there.

3. Cinderella Man- This movie not getting the credit it deserves really worries me. I understand the masses skipping over it, with all the people who praise "Fantastic Four" I've lost all hope in humanity. However so far Russell Crowe and Paul Giamatti have seemily been looked over by critics and award givers. Crowe makes you understand what it must feel like to be Jim Braddock. It's been a while since a character has made me feel so much and with his every punch I celebrated and every blow I cried.

4. Sin City- When I saw Sin City I didn't know that I would see a better movie all year. The combintation between its beauty and cult like dialogue amazed me to no end. My appreciation has waned a bit but I want to give it credit for starting something that I think will become more and more popular in the coming years. The start of a revolution.

5.A History Of Violence- I'm not sure many people who aren't active and intelligent movie go'ers understand this movie. This movie is the anti-thesis of Crash, a movie that beats you over the head with its message that everyone can understand. Every scene that involves violence is a scene in which Viggo Mortensen battles himself. He doesn't kill because he's Jean Claude Van Damm and thats what makes the movie go. He can kill but he doesn't know why and he battles himself throughout the movie on who he is and once he finds out. He must find out what he wants to be in the future. The movie hinges on two sex scenes that are garauntee'd to make an American audience uncomfortable. These scenes however is why this movie is great. With a name like " A History of Violence" i'm sure some people in the theatre were dissapointed with what they saw.

6. Capote- Capote is worth seeing if only for Phillip Seymour Hoffman's performance as Truman Capote. That is the reason I saw it but the movie is much more. This movie is constantly making you choose sides and when you do, you in the end regret it.

7. Millions- A sweet movie. I realized that my idea of a sweet movie was skewed when my mom asked to borrow a movie that was "A liftime type" or "An uplifting type" and I gave her Garden State which fit the bill more than any other in my collection. I forgot however that Garden State is filled with "F" bombs, porn and drug use. Millions is both sweet and inspiring and has none of what i previously stated. Danny Boyle just creates beautiful movies.

8. Lord of War- The most underrated movie of the year in my opinion. I'm a huge fan of making comedies dramatic. Shaun of the Dead was the big winner last year. Humor comes from truth so I don't know why theres a huge seperation from comedy and drama. I laughed because I felt for Yuri and Vladimir Orlav and if I didn't I wouldn't care to remember the movie post watch. Crappy things happen and sometimes crappy things are funny and sometimes humor protects you from sadness.

9. 40 Year Old Virgin- You know how I know your gay? because your reading this. This movie is hilarious from beginning to end and it accomplishes the same thing Lord of War/Shaun of the Dead did. It had a dramatic storyline that was funny. I can't stress my love of that idea enough. When you care about the story or characters in a comedy you will get more out of the movie. Steve Carrell also impressed me with his range with this character.

10 Batman Begins- The best batman because its real. Christian Bale is simply amazing and definately the better of the batman's. With Nolan's direction and an excellent cast Batman Begins surpasses the originals (althought the Burton ones are great).

I'd like to hear you guy's top 10's for the year and maybe spark a little debate.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tax Dollars being Fucked

There is a government funded program out there that is attempting to teach kids sex education with religious doctrine. The program is called " Silver Ring Thing". The idea is for young adults take a vow for abstinence until marriage. The program comes complete with "sketch comedy", "music videos", and lazer lightshow.

The Silver Ring was designed by Paul Bensel Jewelers of Yuma and is worn as a symbol and reminder of the abstinence pledge. The "Thing" in Silver Ring is the high-tech presentation that makes this program uniquely attractive. By featuring awesome lighting and video systems, hilarious skits, concert sound systems, high-energy music, TV's, computers, and a faith-based abstinence message, students become interested in the message being offered to them about their sex lives. In the first five years of operation, nearly 1000 teenagers completed the two-hour program, received a silver ring and signed an abstinence vow.

Like in this paragraph they seem to think they can blind people with rocks and sparks while thier real mission hides between the lines. Keep in mind, this is a government funded program.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...

There is another much more disturbing aspect to this group;

Denny Pattyn, a Christian youth minister, founded Silver Ring Thing in 1996. "After three-and-a-half hours of giving them our best shot [on stage], 75 percent become convinced and put on the ring," says Pattyn. "Our goal actually is to create a culture shift in America. We want to see the concept of abstinence be the norm rather than the exception."

Pattyn doesn’t just preach the virtues of sexual abstinence. His show is full of negative messages about condoms – messages warning that condoms won’t protect kids from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

"We spoke with some of the kids after the show in Fort Myers and they said that going into the program they thought that condoms did work, but your show convinced them that they didn’t," says Bradley to Pattyn.

"Right. Well, that’s good because we believe that condoms aren’t the answer," says Pattyn.

The federal government is spending $167 million this year to spread that abstinence-only message. And there’s a law that says that for a program like Silver Ring Thing to receive government funding, it must not talk about the health benefits of using condoms -- only about how they fail.

Columbia University’s Peter Bearman co-authored the most comprehensive study ever done on adolescent health and sexuality. He says, "Sex education doesn’t cause all these negative outcomes. What causes these negative outcomes is kids who are having sex and aren’t protecting themselves."

So this program funded by me and you is teaching kids not to use condoms. The idea of sin and the idea of sex is a sin comes from a christian idea. Those who are not christian do not always share this idea. The social problem is teen pregnancy and STD's and the government is paying for programs like these to tell children that condoms, the things that are the most common prevention of pregnancy and STD's DO NOT WORK.

The fact that this program has already corrupted our youth and used tax payer money to do so is very sad. Someone needs to stop it and while it may not make a difference I encourage you to send an email to Denny Pattyn and beg him to stop this.