Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ned is a good choice

Join me in a look into the future. I will show you why the Ned Coletti hiring is a good thing for your Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ned Coletti inherits a Dodger team that will win the western division in 2006. The other teams in the division stink and are getting older (although the Cameron pick up is a good one). The return of Eric Gagne, Odalis Perez and JD Drew will be tremendous.

Following the division championship the Dodgers will start to implode. JD the introvert will be traded for character reasons or if he has a good enough season, which I expect, he'll walk. He didn't help the Dodgers win the championship anyways; it was all the doing of the sparkplug Jason Repko. Speaking of Repko, he will get a Baldelli type contract making him your centerfielder for years!

Oh Joy!

Jeff Kent will either retire or walk; it will be mutual and very happy. What a good PR skills you have Mr. Coletti. I won’t be so cliché’ as to say he will be replaced with Niefi Perez but it will be someone with the ability to hurt you at many different positions. By this time Choi has already been long gone, which is a good thing because whichever former Angels first basemen we get will have character’d us into the playoffs. These are just a few examples of the decisions that will shape this franchise.

Luckily, this will send the Dodgers into a downward spiral for at least 3 years. It is possible that they lose 300 games. Attendance will plummet and the value of the franchise will drop. Forcing Mr. McCourt to get out before its too late.

This is where things start getting better.

Confirmed stat head and innovative executive Mark Cuban will step in and save the franchise. Cuban will immediately put the team back in the right direction. He will turn the reigns back over to Paul Depodesta. It will take Depodesta a year or two to get the team back in order, prompting the L.A. media to out do its typical ignorance. However, Mark Cuban provides the resilience the team needs to follow out Paul’s plan.

The team then goes on to win 10 straight division titles and 4 World Series rings. By the time Paul Depodesta decides to retire, sabermetrics has become common practice. This leaves Depodesta’s successor with little or no advantage over the other teams in the league.


Blogger haileysdad said...

i think your pessimism has finally making you delirious. Although Mark Cuban would be a fitting owner in LA

12:55 PM  
Blogger slackfarmer said...

Don't hold your breath.

1:42 PM  

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