Thursday, November 17, 2005

Christian Movie Review

While this is completely unfair and bias, I still reserve the right post it because I am indeed a jackass.

Christian Movie Reviews:

A History of Violence:

"Within the first 10 minutes of the movie, a 'bad guy' shoots a hotel clerk, a maid and after which he shoots an innocent little girl. (I've never seen a movie where violence was pointed toward children. That especially hurt my spirit.)"

"As a christian, I was appalled at the comments by one group that said their Bible study went to this movie and stated they were 'speechless', it was so good. If we, as Christians, have become so numb to the temperature of the water, we deserve to boil"

Don't know what he's getting at, well I do I just don't want to take it seriously but it made me chuckle.

"I was appalled at the sexual innuendos in the movie"

^^^^ wait this isn't about A History of Violence, it's about WALLACE AND GROMIT.

"Then the entire theme of the rabbit plotline was that it was wrong to ever kill animals. In fact, every character in the movie seemed to take it as gospel that rabbits had more right to live than we had to kill them for food or to stop them from raiding our food. I was quite relieved when we left the theatre and my son asked if we could go rabbit hunting someday."'

I have nothing really against hunting or hunters, I find this comment extremely disturbing.

40 Year old Virgin;

"The "flesh" in me did actually think some of the jokes were slightly funny at best. My spirit wanted to throw up, however. If you want something that cuts the edge into porn for the "regular" theater then this is your film if you care to waste your time on a film that has no redemption from the start"

My spirit wants to find you in a darkened alley and beat the hell out of your spirit. Like my dad says;

Dad: Don't puke in the car
Me: I can't help it!
Dad: If you puke in the car, I'll give you something to puke about.


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Blogger Dennis Cozzalio said...

Roscoe: Get thee to Blogger's word verification option and rid yourself of real jackasses like the one above in a heartbeat.

Are these reviews real? Where did they come from? I'm not surprised about the reaction to "A History of Violence," but "Wallace and Gromit"? So now vegetarianism is next to godlessness?

9:59 PM  
Anonymous guile said...

dang, mr mortensen is mesmerizing in a history of violence..

1:36 AM  

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