Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gone to Berkeley

Be here until the close of thanksgiving weekend, If any one is here this is an open thread. It get's awfully boring up here so I will be checking in.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Christian Movie Review

While this is completely unfair and bias, I still reserve the right post it because I am indeed a jackass.

Christian Movie Reviews:

A History of Violence:

"Within the first 10 minutes of the movie, a 'bad guy' shoots a hotel clerk, a maid and after which he shoots an innocent little girl. (I've never seen a movie where violence was pointed toward children. That especially hurt my spirit.)"

"As a christian, I was appalled at the comments by one group that said their Bible study went to this movie and stated they were 'speechless', it was so good. If we, as Christians, have become so numb to the temperature of the water, we deserve to boil"

Don't know what he's getting at, well I do I just don't want to take it seriously but it made me chuckle.

"I was appalled at the sexual innuendos in the movie"

^^^^ wait this isn't about A History of Violence, it's about WALLACE AND GROMIT.

"Then the entire theme of the rabbit plotline was that it was wrong to ever kill animals. In fact, every character in the movie seemed to take it as gospel that rabbits had more right to live than we had to kill them for food or to stop them from raiding our food. I was quite relieved when we left the theatre and my son asked if we could go rabbit hunting someday."'

I have nothing really against hunting or hunters, I find this comment extremely disturbing.

40 Year old Virgin;

"The "flesh" in me did actually think some of the jokes were slightly funny at best. My spirit wanted to throw up, however. If you want something that cuts the edge into porn for the "regular" theater then this is your film if you care to waste your time on a film that has no redemption from the start"

My spirit wants to find you in a darkened alley and beat the hell out of your spirit. Like my dad says;

Dad: Don't puke in the car
Me: I can't help it!
Dad: If you puke in the car, I'll give you something to puke about.

Ned is a good choice

Join me in a look into the future. I will show you why the Ned Coletti hiring is a good thing for your Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ned Coletti inherits a Dodger team that will win the western division in 2006. The other teams in the division stink and are getting older (although the Cameron pick up is a good one). The return of Eric Gagne, Odalis Perez and JD Drew will be tremendous.

Following the division championship the Dodgers will start to implode. JD the introvert will be traded for character reasons or if he has a good enough season, which I expect, he'll walk. He didn't help the Dodgers win the championship anyways; it was all the doing of the sparkplug Jason Repko. Speaking of Repko, he will get a Baldelli type contract making him your centerfielder for years!

Oh Joy!

Jeff Kent will either retire or walk; it will be mutual and very happy. What a good PR skills you have Mr. Coletti. I won’t be so cliché’ as to say he will be replaced with Niefi Perez but it will be someone with the ability to hurt you at many different positions. By this time Choi has already been long gone, which is a good thing because whichever former Angels first basemen we get will have character’d us into the playoffs. These are just a few examples of the decisions that will shape this franchise.

Luckily, this will send the Dodgers into a downward spiral for at least 3 years. It is possible that they lose 300 games. Attendance will plummet and the value of the franchise will drop. Forcing Mr. McCourt to get out before its too late.

This is where things start getting better.

Confirmed stat head and innovative executive Mark Cuban will step in and save the franchise. Cuban will immediately put the team back in the right direction. He will turn the reigns back over to Paul Depodesta. It will take Depodesta a year or two to get the team back in order, prompting the L.A. media to out do its typical ignorance. However, Mark Cuban provides the resilience the team needs to follow out Paul’s plan.

The team then goes on to win 10 straight division titles and 4 World Series rings. By the time Paul Depodesta decides to retire, sabermetrics has become common practice. This leaves Depodesta’s successor with little or no advantage over the other teams in the league.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Renouncing my Faith

I have to say, I hate the Dodgers. This is coming from a man who supported them since he was 5. This makes the length of service roughly 15 years. What makes a man turn away from a team after supporting mediocrity all of his life?

Stupidity for one, Frank McCourt bought the Dodgers and introduced me to Paul Depodesta. I guess I have to applaud Frank for changing my life in such a positive way, however I tend to believe Mr. Depodesta would have eventually found his way into my mind some way or another.

When the Dodgers hired Depodesta I picked up the book moneyball on recommendation of a friend. The book was great, in fact it's one of the best non- Palahniuk books I have ever read. The book however has no real philosophy as many people would believe. The book is a humorous journey through a season with Billy Beane. It does however act as the marijuana to a future drug addict . It gives you a taste of sabermetrics and left me at least wanting more.(Later I will write about Marijaunna not being a gateway drug, but come on its a good metaphor)

This lead to Baseball Prospectus among other things. Which filled me with a still continuing knowledge of new idea's, principles and progress. I am not a sabermetrician but I do like to spectate. I'm not a Taxi Driver either but I do know about the scum on New York city streets.

Eventually because of the war fought between sabermetrics and the guys who don't want to become irrelevant (JM), I began to adopt SOME of the theories as life lessons.

There is no good or evil, just perception.

People don't want to believe in the cold. They need warmth to facilitate a romantic. It doesn't matter the Earth is without a doubt more than 2000 years old because well, Jesus "Just feels better than that". No matter Darin Erstad is one of the worst 1st basemen in the league, he "Just feels better than that".

So when Frank McCourt fired Paul Depodesta I was upset. However much like Jesus's followers, I held out hope to find another messiah in the event that Depodesta missed the target of revolution.

Theo had other plans.

So today marks the day when all hope of returning to the Dodgers as a fan are diminished. In turn celebrates the birth of this blog.

Tyler Durden: Only after disaster can we be resurrected.